Participating in non-governmental organisations and political parties

Civic participation, including political activity, can also be exercised through membership of such public organisations as non-governmental organisations or political parties.

Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and political parties are two of the main forms of organised public group aimed at the implementation of certain goals of civic importance. The Constitution of Croatia protects the right to form and join associations, political parties, and other public organisations, as well as the freedom of trade unions.

Participation in NGOs and Political Parties & Human Rights

Membership of organisations, including of NGOs and political parties, is protected by the freedom of association. Freedom of association can be restricted if the restriction is provided by law and necessary in a democratic society. For example, if a political party is created to incite hate crimes or separatism. Read more about the freedom of assembly and association in this Guide.

About this section

This section of the Guide will explain what forms of NGOs there are, how to exercise your right to civic participation through membership of NGOs and political parties, and how to establish an NGO or a political party. It will also explain how the right to participate in an NGO or a political party may be restricted and how to complain if your right to freedom of association has been violated.


Last updated 22/03/2024