Voluntary work refers to the carrying out of socially beneficial work without remuneration. It is one of the most direct, attainable, and diverse forms of civic participation.

Voluntary work in Croatia is primarily governed by the Law on Volunteering. According to the law, voluntary work may be organised by:

  • associations and foundations, including trade unions and their associations
  • State and local government institutions
  • political parties and their alliances
  • educational and social welfare institutions

The Law on Volunteering also lists the terms of a legal relationship and the requirements for a written contract, if such is concluded, between you as a volunteer and the organiser of the voluntary work.

note Minors aged 15 and older can enter into a volunteering contract and volunteer only with the written consent of their legal representative.

Volunteering & Human Rights

Depending on the nature of the voluntary work that you are carrying out, several of your human rights may be affected, such as the prohibition of discrimination, the right to life or the prohibition of forced labour.

About this section

This section of the Guide will explain your rights and obligations as a volunteer, as well as how to complain if your rights as a volunteer are violated.


Last updated 15/04/2024